The Vibration Expert (VXP) performs helicopter rotor track and balance, component balancing, engine analysis and complex vibration surveys. It uses Windows™ operating system for operation and seamless integration with application software.

It consists of the VXP Acquisition Unit (AU), VXP Display Unit (DU), software, and associated carry-on kit and sensors. The VXP System interfaces to vibration and tachometer sensors located throughout the aircraft and additionally to the optional FasTrak™ Optical Tracker for Main Rotor blade tracking.

Honeywell Chadwick-Helmuth Carry-On VXP Benefits/Features:

  • Crisp, sunlight readable, active-matrix color display
  • Easy to use touch screen interface
  •  Fast six channel simultaneous data acquisition
  • Expanded Smart Chart™ capabilities for balancing and analysis procedures
  •  Comprehensive input capabilities with 48 vibration, 6 photocell/mag, FasTrak™ and
    accessory channels
  •  Portable, Onboard, Commercial and Military configuration available
  • Performance of 75 KHz frequency range, resolution to 51,200 lines and > 90 dB dynamic
  •  Instant feedback of maintenance actions with on-aircraft printer
  • Clear on-screen help with graphics and troubleshooting procedures

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