Calibration and Repairs

As a Master Distributor of Honeywell, Diagnostic Solutions International, LLC USA (DSI) have the capability to repair, overhaul and/or calibrate Honeywell Chadwick equipment.

Repair and Calibration on the following Honeywell (Chadwick-Helmuth) HUMS systems is performed:

Vibrex™, Vibrex™ 177M, Vibrex™ 2000, Carry-on VXP, VXP, EVXP (Enhanced VXP), V2K, Vibrex™ 2000 Plus (V2K+), ZTE, 1134, 1209, 1239, CVFDR, 192A, Strobex, Strobex 135M-11, Strobex 135M-12, Velocimeters, Accelerometers, HUMS, AIMS (Aircraft Integrated Maintenance Systems), FasTrak™, 8500 C Plus Balancer / Analyzer, VMS II Vibration Monitoring System, photocells and mag pickups.

Please call us if you want to get repair and calibration support from DSI.

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