Delivering vibration
solutions for aviation industry.

Helicopter Rotors

It is mandatory to maintain smooth main and tail rotors for pilot and passenger comfort and ensure long life of the structure.


A balanced propeller results in minimum vibrations in a fixed-wing aircraft.

Engine Vibrations

Spectrum analysis helps discover rotor imbalance and impending failures of bearings and gears.

About Us

Coptunes FZE originates from United Arab Emirates, specializing in solutions for helicopter rotor smoothing, propeller balancing and engine vibration checks. We have more than 47 years’ experience in the supply chain, maintenance, training and upgrades of Honeywell (formerly Chadwick Helmuth) rotor balancing equipment.

The experience gained over the years helps in the diagnosis and solution of complex vibration problems and train end users in the use of Honeywell equipment for rotor track and balance.

Data management and analysis services are offered to the customers in close collaboration with the master distributor, Diagnostic Solutions International LLC, USA.

Backed by 47 years of experience in aviation.

Our Products

EV2K+ Enhanced Vibrex 2000 Plus

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